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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The details on the website are subjecte to change and should be for your general information only.

When you allow the website to use cookies which monitors your browsing preferences, the data such as your IP address and location maybe stored by us to be utilized by third party applications.

The information and materials which are available on the website may contain inaccuracies and we specifically eliminate ourselves to the complete extent permitted by law, in case there are inaccuracies or errors in the information provided on the website and are not dedicated to achieve any purpose.

You are completely responsible for using the information, services or products and trippr. shall not bare any liability for usage of such mentioned information. We suggest you to make sure that the available products/service match you exact requirement.

Reproduction or duplication of licensed materials(licensed to trippology pvt ltd) or data found on this website is prohibited unless they come in accordance with the Copyrights notice.

Vehicle operators are acknowledged on website for the trademarks or license which are not produced by the website.

Benefits of Trippr.

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Driver & Journey

Chauffeurs registered with Trippr come with vast experience in driving and routes. So when you book a vehicle rental from Trippr, you can be carefree and enjoy the journey!

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Pushback & Sleeper

Customers get to choose from a wide range of amenities from pushback seats, luxury seats, and sleeper as per requirement.

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In house pricing team in order to maintain market standards and benchmark pricing where necessary.

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Verified Vehicles

Frequent audits and quality checks of the vehicles.

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No Hidden Charges

All bookings come with no hidden charges.

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Customizable Packages

Customers can suggest their itinerary to plan the trip as per custom requirements.

Frequently asked questions